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    Whether you need an aggressive attorney, or a simple, conflict-free resolution, Zach has the skill set needed to assist you.
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    You can count on Zach Austin to provide honest case evaluation and guidance through your difficult situation. Your search for a criminal lawyer stops here.
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    Zach Austin has years of experience in helping injured individuals and their loved ones recover damages in a variety of cases. Call today for a free consultation and start tipping
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Family Law

If statistics are correct, divorce and/or custody issues have affected either you or someone you love. With families being the very essence of our society and sense of self worth, the emotional and financial toll of these types of cases can be overwhelming.

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Criminal Defense


Whether your facing a DWI, Assault Family Violence, drug charge, probation revocation or other serious charges, choosing the right lawyer is critical. Zach Austin began his legal career as a misdemeanor prosecutor in Dallas County.

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Personal Injury


Attorney Zach Austin has no sympathy for insurance companies. If you or a loved one has been injured as the result of another’s negligence or wrongdoing, most likely you have experienced the lack of concern from an insurance adjuster.

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