Criminal Defense

injuryWhether your facing a DWI, Assault Family Violence, drug charge, probation revocation or other serious charges, choosing the right lawyer is critical. Zach Austin began his legal career as a misdemeanor prosecutor in Dallas County.

After only eleven months, Zach was promoted to the Felony Division of the Dallas County District Attorney’s Office. During his time in Dallas County, Zach was successful in prosecuting Murder, Aggravated Assault, Sexual Assault, Delivery and Possession of Controlled Substance and numerous other offenses. After spending nearly three years in Dallas, Zach was offered a position by the Gregg County District Attorney’s Office as a Felony prosecutor. He spent nearly two years prosecuting various felonies before several Gregg County Judges. This experience was invaluable in developing Zach’s trial preparation and presentation. With over sixty criminal jury trials under his belt, Zach knows what it takes to develop your case and achieve the best results for his clients.

Zach has carried this experience and will to win into representing citizens accused of crimes. He knows how prosecutors think and what it takes to win your case. He will aggressively investigate the circumstances of your arrest to identify and exploit potential weaknesses in your case. You or your loved one can count on Zach Austin to provide honest case evaluation and guidance through your difficult situation. Your search for a criminal lawyer stops here.

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