Family Law

injury If statistics are correct, divorce and/or custody issues have affected either you or someone you love. With families being the very essence of our society and sense of self worth, the emotional and financial toll of these types of cases can be overwhelming. Zach’s greatest joy in life is being a husband and father of two lovely children. He is keenly aware of the potential consequences of a family law case and the value of whats at stake.

During the past five years, Zach Austin has represented fathers, mothers, children, and grandparents in family law matters. He has practiced before Judges in Gregg, Upshur, Panola, Smith, Harrison, Lamar and Dallas counties. Zach has substantial family law experience and is happy to assist you in the following family law needs:

  • Divorce
  • Adoption
  • Termination of Parental Rights
  • CPS Modification of Prior Orders
  • Amicus Services
  • Child Support
  • Name Changes
  • Protective Orders

Experience has taught Zach that each client is different. Some clients want an aggressive attorney to stand up for them in Court. However, some clients simply want their case resolved with the least amount of conflict as possible. Whatever the situation, Zach has the skill set needed to assist you with this process. Do not go through this trying time alone. Put Zach Austin in your corner.

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